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First Connections

First Connections is the new name of our Sunday School time.  We chose that name because Sunday morning at 9:30 am is the first time of the week to make a connection with other like-minded Christians and dig into the Word of God and find answers to today’s questions.

We offer a class for every age group with highly qualified leaders directing each class.  Here are the classes:

Sprouts             Ages 0 – 2
Spuds               Ages 2 – 3
First Kids          Ages 3 – 5
Primary             1st Grade – 3rd Grade
Middlers           4th Grade – 6th Grade
Mid-Teen           7th Grade – 9th Grade
High Teen         10th Grade – 12th Grade
Adults              two classes available (your choice) , Ministry Too and Word For Life

The average tenure of the leaders is twelve plus years.  Each class utilizes multiple means of leading.  We would love to have you come and visit with us.  We will make you feel right at home.