A church for real people.

The Call to Persevere

This week, we celebrate over 300 souls that have been saved or rededicated to God over the past 3 weeks of Helloween.  God has blessed and moved not only in the lives of everyone that came through Helloween, but also in our lives as we served this year.  God’s kingdom has been strengthened and grown through this ministry this year.

Text:  Jude 17-23; Acts 1:8; Matthew 4:19; John 20:21; Matthew 28:19

  • You’re old self can talk you new self out of doing something.  We need to cut communications with our old self.
  • Culture has become people’s god.  Step away from the cult of culture.
  • Living water can extinguish the fires of Hell.
  • The church, local group of “Called-Out Ones”, was called to be set apart, but not set aside (we are to be used for God’s glory).
  • There is a difference between making an impression and making an impact.